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Porfirio 21 – Comedor Nacional

Visual Identity for a Mexican Restaurant in Tlaxcala. The concept of the restaurant is to highlight diverse food from the many different regions of Mexico, all in one place.


Corporate Image for a Mexican Restaurant in Tlaxcala located on  21st Porfirio Diaz street. The concept of the Restaurant is to have a place where you can find Mexican food from all the different region in one same place. In Mexico, there is plenty of Regional food depending on the state and there is several restaurants specialized on the food of that specific region. So usually, if you want food from Oaxaca,  you go to the Oaxacan food restaurant. But what if your friend wants Food from Yucatan? or from Veracruz? What if there's 10 people in the table? Welcome to Porfirio 21. Comedor Nacional.

  • Date

    November 2, 2018

  • Client

    Porfirio 21 Comedor Nacional

  • Tags

    Comida Mexicana, Corporate Image, Design, Logo, Restaurant Image, Restaurant Logo, Visual Identity